Need to Create

Creative individuals, in whatever medium they work in, need to create.  Having said this, sometimes the saying is much easier than the actual doing.  This inability to create can be for a lot of reasons: changing careers; new baby; elderly parents; a toxic relationship; legal issues; financial problems; health challenges; and so much more.

I have also found that our view of what creativity is affects our ability to be creative.  So often we have this idea that creativity is Capital A Art: Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mozart, Beethoven, Imogen Cunningham, Ansel Adams, Emily Dickinson, Vera Wang, Martha Stewart, Steven Spielberg, and the list goes on and on.  When we compare what we are doing with others that have spent years perfecting their art… say that what we are doing is unfair to ourselves is a major understatement.

Creativity is so much more than the box we put it in.  Every single time I say that I am an artist, that I teach creativity classes and am a creativity coach, there is ALWAYS someone who says, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” or “I can’t draw a straight line.”

The problem isn’t your ability to draw.  The problem is your inability to see.  Creativity is about possibility and choice.  Seeing things in a unique way.  Creativity is so much more than Capital A Art.  It is in the thousands of small decisions you make every day.

One of my advanced students, who has become a friend, recently shared that when she came to the first creativity class she had this idea that creativity for her would be drawing, painting and doing music and video again.  But after taking the class she realized that creativity is so much more.  This shift in thinking gave her the confidence to redo her kitchen.


This is how her kitchen looked before.  The following photos show the changes she made.


Strainer Light Fixture.



Mason Jar Light Fixture.


She made the pot rack that hangs above her stove.


She redid her cabinets in such a unique and beautiful way.  Her new kitchen is bright, cheerful and as unique and creative as she is.

It’s not what you are creating that matters.  It is that you are creating.  I bet right now in your life there is something that you are doing or working on that may not seem very creative.  I challenge you to change that assumption.  Consider thinking of it as being VERY creative.  Does that change the way you look at the project?  Does the project itself become more fun?  Does changing one project to be a creative project change the way you look at other projects?

Remember……. Creativity always finds a way!




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