Summer inspired Haiku Poetry

every shade of blue

not a cloud in the big sky

it feels like summer

heat is stifling

ice tea, sunglasses, cool pool

help take the edge off

asleep in the sun

red as a boiled lobster

yep, that’s gonna hurt

standing by the gate

waiting for your arrival

summer light fading

scent, colour, sound, touch

my mother’s flower garden

feast for the senses

outline of mountains

across the perfect clear sky

oh! to be outside

4 Seasons of Haikus for Poetry Month

mountains silent, still

what was white is now pale pink

the winter sunset


the earth awakens

gentle rains, warm spring sunshine

flowers are blooming


summer at the lake

endless blue – sky and water

mountains peeking through


silently dancing,

whirling, twirling all around

leaves fall to the ground