Seven Days of Us

A couple of the blogs that I follow are about books.  I get one called “Read It Forward.”  It has a contest where you can sign up to receive a free copy of a book.  I have a rule that I can only sign up for books that I truly find interesting and would be willing to read.

In July they had Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak, as the book that you could win.  I read the description and thought it sounded interesting.  I remember thinking, “I hope I win this one because I would really like to read it.”  So I signed up for a chance to win a free copy.  Much to my delight and surprise I won a copy of the book.


Here is a description of the book as taken from the book’s back cover:

“It’s Christmas, and the Birch family is gathering for the first time in years.  Emma is elated to have her family under one roof, even if circumstances are unusual.  Her elder daughter Olivia is only home because she has nowhere else to go.  She’s just returned from treating an epidemic abroad and must stay in quarantine for a week….and so too will her family.

For the next seven days, no one can leave house, and no one can enter.  It doesn’t sound too hard.  But a week with your nearest and dearest can feel like eternity, especially when everyone has a secret.  One of whom is about to come knocking.”       –Seven Days of Us by Francesca Hornak

I am very glad that I received a copy of this book.  It was a delightful read.  The story captured your attention and held it through to the end.  The characters were well-developed and relate able.  I would recommend this book to anyone who has had challenges holiday or no with family members.  You will not be disappointed.


Do It Now!

“Do it now! Today will be yesterday tomorrow” -E.C. McKenzie

This is not a nice gentle post nudging you to do the creative work you are meant to do.  No this post is your creative drill sergeant.  Shouting in your ear.  Demanding that you drop and give creativity EVERYTHING!

You know what your creative work is and what you need to be doing to get it done.  Get off that couch or out of that easy chair!  You know what the next step is.  Stop waiting to take it.  Why are you waiting?  Get out there and DO IT NOW!