Be Bold

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”  -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I had written this quote in one of my old sketch books.  As I sat there reading this quote that I had so carefully written, I thought what does the word bold really mean.   From the dictionary definition off of the website being bold as a person is to be daring and brave.  A person may show how bold they are by climbing onto the roof of their house or speaking up when they see someone being treated unfairly.  By being bold  a person is taking some kind of risk; one could be risking physical danger, embarrassment, or their reputation.

This got me thinking about times in my life when I have behaved boldly.  Some of the trails that I have hiked made me feel daring and brave.  Art work that I have exhibited in solo and group shows has made me feel daring, nervous, brave and bold.  In each of these experiences I was taking on risk.

When hiking on the trail there were places that are very narrow and steep.  One miss step and I could fall to my death.  The risk is physical danger.

By exhibiting my artwork publicly, I am sharing person experiences or feelings expressed through contemporary narrative collage.  There is a risk of rejection or humiliation.  In this case the risk is embarrassment and possibly my reputation.

No matter what one does that is bold you are taking on risk.  It could be sharing poems about the death of your father; rock climbing without ropes; playing songs that you have written with your band in a night club; mountain biking in an endurance race in Michigan; standing up for the rights of a child who is to small to protect itself; writing a blog; traveling to a foreign country by yourself, and so much more.  Being bold is important.  It helps us stretch and grow as individuals.

Whatever it is that makes you feel daring and brave, don’t stop.  I need you to be bold.  Your family and friends need your boldness.  The community you live in cannot be innovative without people being bold.  The creative community needs you to be bold and share your work.  The world needs you to continue to be bold.  Why? you ask.  Because as Goethe says in the quote, “Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”