Endings and Beginnings

A friend of mine was recently laid off from the company she had been working for the past couple years. She told me that it isn’t personal. Her company is down-sizing because of inflation and the shift in the economy. That doesn’t mean that this experience wasn’t painful. It is an ending.

Three weeks ago, I started a new job. I am very hopeful that it is the right position and environment for me. It is a beginning.

Things end. Sometimes these endings are choices we have made. Sometimes an ending is something that happens to us. Completely out of our control. Endings can bring out a variety of emotions: pain, joy, anxiety, ease, hope, fear, etc.

Beginnings happen all the time. Much like endings they can come from our own choices or from something that happens to us. The feelings beginnings bring out can be exactly the same emotions that endings evoke.

Endings can be scary. So can beginnings. It all depends on how we choose to experience them.

My challenge to you dear reader is recognize the next time that you are in the process of ending or beginning something. Ground yourself fully in the moment. What emotions do you feel? How are you choosing to experience this moment? What are you learning about yourself in this experience? Please share your thoughts on endings and beginnings by posting a comment.


10 thoughts on “Endings and Beginnings

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  2. I do my best to see endings as new beginnings since, of course, when we leave one thing we enter another – even if it feels like empty space for a period of time. I find change invigorating, though no doubt some endings have a time of grief to work through before one can thrive again. Good luck to you both!

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    • kanewischer says:

      Sheri – I really enjoyed reading your comment. I like how you see an ending as a beginning because you are going to enter something new.
      Thank you so much for sharing it. -Jill

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      • Jill – My family made several long distant moves when I was young, and I think it taught me that rewards of new places, friends and adventures are worth the grief of leaving and uncertainty (fear?) of the transition. Sometimes when something ends its hard to imagine a good future, but there you are in the future anyway, and when you start to look around it’s amazing all the beautiful new things you can find.
        Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the reply. -Sheri

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      • kanewischer says:

        Sheri – Great attitude! Love it! -Jill

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  3. Welcome back, Jill. I hope your new beginning will be an overall positive experience for you.
    All the best,

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    • kanewischer says:

      Thank you, Tanja! My new job has made my life so much better. I am feeling more creative and motivated to express and share the new burst of creativity. I just wanted to let you know that while I was away from writing my blog, I so enjoyed reading yours. Thank you for your beautiful words and pictures. -Jill

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