8th Annual Square Foot Show

The Bismarck Art & Galleries Association 

8th Annual Square Foot Show

August 6-30, 2019

The featured image of this blog post is the two pieces I entered into the 8th Annual Square Foot Show sponsored by the Bismarck Art & Galleries Association.  This is the fifth Square Foot Show that I have participated in.  But this is the first time I have shared my work for the exhibit in a blog post.

Sometimes getting an idea isn’t the hard part.  Sometimes it is getting the idea out.  The pieces that I sent to the Bismarck Art & Galleries Association for the Square Foot show were not my original idea.  I had shared my original idea with a friend who is usually very supportive.  Only this time, this person ripped my idea apart and was pretty harsh.  My friend called my idea trite and predictable.  Those words killed my idea.  No matter how hard I tried to resurrect it or tweak the idea so I could use it the words trite and predictable made it impossible to complete.

How do you recover when someone you trust torpedoes your idea?  I know that sometimes when I suffer a creative loss it is hard to get back to work.  In this case, I had a deadline that I had to meet.  One thing that helps me get ideas is to go through my paper collection.  Once again it worked its magic and I got a new idea.

Square foot 2

The above photo has the paint and paper that inspired the piece, “Wild Flower Dreams.”  Below is the completed piece.

Square foot 1

Sometimes we have to hold onto an idea and keep it just for ourselves until we can get it onto the canvas, write out the story, compose the song or whatever creative work that you do.  Sometimes by sharing an idea too soon, if we get critical feedback, it kills the idea and makes the work harder to do.  But by holding that idea until it has grown into something strong and immune to criticism, we will be able to complete the artwork or creative work regardless of what anyone says.

square foot 3

Above is the paper and materials that inspired the artwork  “Autumn Winds Remember.” Below is the completed painting.

Square foot 4

Although I initially struggled, I am quite proud of the two pieces of artwork that I completed and sent to the Bismarck Art & Galleries Association for the 8th Annual Square Foot Show.

If you just happen to be in Bismarck, North Dakota between August 6th through the 30th of 2019, I highly recommend checking out the this exhibit.  Artists from across the United States participate and there is a wide variety of artwork to view.

5 thoughts on “8th Annual Square Foot Show

  1. Those two pieces are absolutely stunning, Jill. I am sorry you were hurt by someone whose advice you sought. Sometimes our creativity benefits from having its feathers ruffled slightly, but at other times it’s not what we need. I think your conclusion to wait until a project has matured enough to be allowed into the open is correct, but learning when that moment might be, is part of the learning curve as an artist.
    I am only sorry I won’t be anywhere near Bismarck while the exhibit is going on.
    Best wishes,

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    • kanewischer says:

      Tanja – Thank you so much for your lovely comment! You are spot on. Yes sometimes a critique gives us the motivation we need to do more and do better. Sometimes an idea is ready to be critiqued. The hard part is learning when and who to share with. That is part of the creative process that we are constantly learning on our creative path. I am trying to be more open about my exhibitions and share more of my artistic creative work. Thank you for your heartfelt support! -Jill

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    Wonderfully Expressed. Visual Beauty! Keep on with your wonderous Art and Expressions!

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