Snowflake – 3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

Once again, I want to thank Shantanu for opening up his 3 day quote challenge to anyone interested in participating.  I am enjoying this creative challenge.  I also enjoy reading Shantanu’s amazing blog.  It is full of poetry, prose, stories and quotes.  His writing touches all the varied experiences of human emotion.  Please check out his blog by clicking on the following link: Ckonfab

Rules: For three days, thank the person who nominated you and share a link to their blog.  Nominate three people each day.  Pick a quote for each day of the challenge.  Write down why you chose it and what it says to you.  Meditating on a quote is a great way to get creative juices flowing.

Today’s nominations are:

  1. Sam, who writes the blog Living!
  2. Sean, his blog is called A Blooming Scribe
  3. the blog The Moonlight Reverie

Here is my quote for the 2nd day of the 3 day quote challenge!


I live in a place that experiences the four seasons.  Where I live, in the winter, there is snow.  Sometimes lots of it.  And it gets cold.  Below zero kind of cold.  I am quite familiar with the use of a snow shovel and snow shoes.

I am sure you are wondering where I am going with this.  How does this relate to the quote?  If you live in areas that get cold and I mean really cold, you know that it can be extremely unpleasant being out in freezing temperatures.

On occasions while outside in freezing temperatures, I have seen some extremely beautiful things.  Not just snowflakes.

In order to appreciate the beauty of something, there are times that we have to go through something unpleasant or uncomfortable.  I believe the ability to see the beauty around you, even in the most difficult circumstances has to do with perspective.  It is the ability to remain positive that allows one to see the beauty of the snowflake in the freezing cold.

Are you willing to let go of negative emotions and experience the wonder of the moment?  Can you look past the immediate discomfort to see something amazing?  I guarantee that it is worth being cold to see the beauty of a snowflake.

12 thoughts on “Snowflake – 3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

  1. checkeredays says:

    So true. One of my favorites is: Barn’s burnt down…now I can see the moon.

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  2. Hey Jill. Thanks for all the lovely words. And the quote is beyond beautiful. So true, and can be applicable to all our life situations. ❤️🌸

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  3. Jill, I am so grateful for your beautiful words towards my work. Your quote is so true. To experience the beauty sometime we need to wither the storm. A great reminder. Thanks for sharing

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