“Leap and the net will appear!” -John Burroughs

I was very inspired by a fellow blogger who decided to write a post on his blog every day for the month of November.  It was his own unique nano rimo experience.

I also follow several blogs where the author has a post every day and others that have multiple posts each day.  I admire and am inspired by them.

As those who follow my blog on a regular basis know, I recently accepted that I am not only an artist and creativity coach but I am a writer.

When I started my blog, I decided to write at least two posts a month.  I could do more if I wanted to, but I had to try to get at least two written. That has worked for the most part.

For those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning or even for the last couple of months, you may have noticed an increase in the number of posts to my blog.  In an effort to stretch my creativity and myself as a writer, I challenged myself to writing a post a week for my blog the entire year.

I confess.  Although I have been doing the work since the first week of January, it still scares me.  I am just coming to terms with the idea that I am a writer and then I challenge myself like this?!?!  What will I do next, start writing haiku poetry…. oh wait, I am doing that too.  I could challenge myself to write a collection of short stories or a novel….. anything is possible.


The person, who challenged and encouraged me to write my blog in the first place, when told of my challenge for myself said that he hopes it brings more happiness than stress.  I hope so too.

What it comes down to is this……. without risk, we cannot grow.  I am leaping.  I know that the net will appear.

10 thoughts on “Leap

  1. checkeredays says:

    With each steady step, it does seem that we create enough time for a net to appear or for each new door to open. Progress, not perfection.

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  2. Roslyn Gallagher says:

    Jill, your blogs would make an inspiring and thought provoking Book. So, it’s already done! Just compile them all.

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  3. I like your attitude. Fear is a bad companion.

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  4. I’ve been so happy with the many amazing rewards that have come my way since I conquered my fear and took up the challenge of writing. It seems the more I conquered, the more challenges I wanted to take. I’ve become so confident as each step was taken. The best reward has been the people I’ve met through writing. Visual art was often very solitary, but because I joined a writer’s group and then started blogging, writing is very social…well, compared to my introverted world.
    First I joined the group, then I started helping to run the group, and next thing I knew, I founded another group for authors – for those who were ready to publish. I found a community, and now I’m a leader in my community. I can hardly fathom how I got here, but I love it! One amazing step (with the occasional leap) at a time, I suppose.

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