2016 Hiking Report

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”  -John Muir


Ulm Pishkin Buffalo Jump in February

I am so lucky to have friends and family that are willing to go on the trail with me.  Thank you to my fellow hikers: Allison, Arnold (Dad), Christi, Deb, Donna (Mom), Eric, Jason, Jenn, Laura, and Sue.  It was so much fun exploring the trails and getting out into nature with all of you.


Evening along the Missouri River on the Sacajawea Springs Trail


One of the many amazing views from Crown Butte


Belt Creek along the Memorial Falls Trail in April


One of the Waterfalls along Willow Creek Trail

If you have been following my blog, you know that I had a hard goal of hiking 75 trail miles by Labor Day and a soft goal of hiking 100 trail miles by November first.  I reached both of my goals!  I had hiked over 100 trail miles, by Labor day.  As of today, I have hiked a total of 127.20 miles!


Further along the Devil’s Glen Trail, this view is approximately 2.5 miles beyond the Glen. Beautiful rugged country.


Snowstorm along the Steamboat Mountain Look Out Trail


Birds egg shell found along the Steamboat Mountain Look Out Trail


A view of Our Lake.  Notice that the sun is shining.


A view of Our Lake from the opposite side.  Notice how cloudy it is.  Both photos are from the same hike.


Trail toilet.  Oh! The places you will go!


On the summit of Steamboat Mountain standing where the Look Out used to be.


Badge of Honor.  My friend Deb and I both acquired purple toe nails (the one next to our pinky toe) from our hike/climb to Steamboat Mountain Look Out.


Cataract Falls


Smith Creek Trail


Dearborn River from a hike on the Devil’s Glen Trail in October


Photo from along the Hoodoo trail at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada.


Hoodoos along the Hoodoo Trail


Pictographs of horses painted on the rocks along the Hoodoo Trail.


Problem: dirty tootsies!


Solution: stream crossing and tootsie dipping!


Haystack Butte west of Augusta.  Familiar site on the way to many different trail heads on the Rocky Mountain Front.

We survived and experienced  many interesting things this hiking season: a flat tire, damn near steaming bear scat, falls, scrapes, herds of elk, prankster deer, aggressive birds, rain, sleet, snow, wind, snow, sleet, rain, ticks, paint balls, blisters, and so much more.  It is these things, the conversations, comradeship, and getting to be in nature that make hiking one of my favorite things!


Me on the Willow Creek Trail.  See you on the trail!

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