Hold on or Let go?

I saw the cutest little girl.  She was walking down the street, slightly behind her parents belting out the words to the song “Let it Go.”  She was beyond adorable and I would guestimate that she was only three or four years old.

Hearing that little person singing got me thinking about the words…. let it go.  I have a confession.  I did see the Disney cartoon “Frozen.”  I thought it was cute but it is not anything that I would call required viewing.  I certainly did not pay much attention to the song.  However, those three words… let it go…. began to roll around inside my head.

I began to think about little hurts, big hurts, unintended wounds, and emotional wrecks that I crawled away from.  Emotional ouches can have an effect on ones happiness and creativity.  But I am beginning to think that it isn’t so much the pain inflicted as what we do with it.

We all carry around our own personalized emotional luggage set.  Mine comes with a travel mug so that I can have a cup of coffee.  This emotional baggage can come from a lot of places (relationships, family, jobs, experiences, etc.) and we carry a variety of different things (trust issues, lack of confidence, entitlement, etc.).  Each set is as unique as the person carrying it.

It can be exhausting hauling all this emotional stuff around.  So it comes down to the question, why do we carry this emotional baggage?  I don’t think there is an easy answer.  I also think that each of us have very complicated reasons for why we carry what we carry.  We have packed these emotional issues up so nice and neatly.  Remember, I have the travel mug that matches my set.  We hold on so tight to the handles.  Balance the bags so we can carry more.  But why?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just let it go?

I think the answer depends entirely upon the person.

Personally, I find it emotionally exhausting (which can translate to physical exhaustion) to hold onto every emotional ouch that has ever happened to me.  This doesn’t mean that I have gotten rid of all my emotional baggage.  Gripping that travel mug for all its worth.  What it means is that I am consciously trying to let go of my emotional baggage.  Letting go of the stuff that I don’t need to carry.  Releasing things that there is no reason for me to carry.

It’s hard to let go.  But sometimes I think I make my life harder by trying to hold onto things that I need to let go.  There is no easy answer.  We can hold on tight or we can let it go.  Maybe I can get mine down to a small clutch and the….. travel mug.

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