A Year of Cats Out of the Box

My blog “Cats Out of the Box” is a year old today.  I thought it would be amusing to have the featured picture be of the cat “Angus” (who inspired the title) in a box.  I had wanted to write a blog for years and was really afraid to take that leap.  And now a year and 37 posts later, I am still working on my blog.  It felt like the appropriate time to say thank you to those who have inspired, supported and encouraged me through this process.  So here goes…..

  • Joe thank you for encouraging me, holding me accountable to my dreams, and not letting me quit when I am scared.  This blog exists because of you.
  • To my friend, Sue, who is a blogger and whose blog I follow, I want to say thank you for inspiring me and letting me call and read my early posts to you.  Your positive reinforcement keeps me going.
  • To my friend, Eric, thank you for letting me use your poetry in my posts.  Your poems are heart-felt and deeply beautiful, they enhance my life and creative work.
  • To my family, thank you.  You provide much in the way of stories and experiences for me to write about.  You are also some of my most vocal critics, strongest supporters, and loudest cheerleaders.  I couldn’t do the creative work without all of you.
  • To my friends and family who have become accustomed to me asking random questions about random topics (honesty, adult coloring books, do you believe in signs, entitlement, etc.), thank you for answering my questions and providing insights to complicated subjects.  You help me see the bigger picture and the smallest detail.
  • To everyone who has posted a comment, thank you.  Your comments enhance my creative work, keep me excited and inspire me to continue.
  • To those who follow my blog, thank you.  You are the reason I keep writing.
  • To everyone who has liked one of my blogs, thank you.  I appreciate the positive support.

I am looking forward to another year of writing about the experiences of creative living. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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