Every Breaking Wave

“Every breaking wave on the shore

Tells the next one there’ll be one more”     -U2

Whenever I hear the entire album of a band or musician, there tends to be one song that resonates with me more than the others on that particular album.  On the Album “Songs of Innocence” by the band U2, the song that spoke to me more than any of the others is called “Every Breaking Wave.”

One reason I was drawn to this song is the imagery of the ocean it conjures up for me.  For a time, I lived in a town that was on the San Juan Strait.  One of my favorite things to do was to go wave watching.  Just sit somewhere quietly and watch the waves roll onto the beach.  There is something very calming and relaxing about watching waves.  There were times when I would watch storms rage across the Strait…. pouring rain, gusting winds, and waves big enough to crush a freighter.  There was nothing calm or relaxing about those waves.  Still you couldn’t stop watching them.

I started thinking about analogies for life using waves.  You can compare yourself to the shore and the waves are life washing over you.  Variations in experiences like high tide and low tide.  You can be eroded by the waves over time and become a jagged cliff face or a sandy beach.  But you can also compare yourself to the waves and the shore is life.  Like a wave you pound the shore with your experiences.  Sometimes you land on jagged cliff faces, these can be trials in your life.  Sometimes you land on sandy beaches, these can be periods of ease and comfort.

Waves.  Shore.  Shore.  Waves.  You can look at it another way.  That the waves on the beach show us how to “weather” the ebb and flow of our lives.  There are going to be times of difficulty and times of ease.  The key to weathering the ebb and flow depends on how strong or how flexible you need to be in any given situation.

 A cliff face made of rock appears strong and solid.  But waves have a way of finding the weak spots.  They carve caves into the stone or weaken the whole cliff face making it dangerous to stand too close to the edge.  Sand moves with waves.  Sand moves with wind.  Sand flows.  Yet it is not a safe place to build a foundation because it constantly shifts.

There are all kinds of analogies you can make using sand and stone.  Being like sand is for times when you need to be flexible.  And being like stone is for times when you must remain strong.

 Waves.  Shore.  Sand.  Beach.  Stone.  Cliffs.  What about the pebbles, sea glass, and tide pools?  The amazing thing is all of this pondering came from listening to a song.  Creativity strikes in amazing ways and at unusual times.  Sometimes we just need to be open to the possibilities.  For this blog it was the lines of song.  But a creative spark could come from anywhere.  Where will your creative musings take you?  I think mine are saying vacation….on a beach!

2 thoughts on “Every Breaking Wave

  1. John and Annette says:

    Very interesting & true! Thanks Jill.

    Sent from my iPad


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