Choosing Your Weather

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds.”
– John Ruskin

I was having a really tough time the other day.  I was discouraged.  I had been battling a head cold for what felt like forever.  I have not worked on my art in a month.  And I felt like someone, whose opinion I really value, wasn’t hearing me.  Even my favorite outfit didn’t feel like it fit right.  I just felt……off.  I know that everyone has these kinds of days and that they pass.  Some are harder to get through than others.  I also know that when in the middle of these moments it’s hard to keep positive and keep going forward.

I saw the movie and read the book “The Martian” recently.  (Spoiler alert!  If you have not seen the movie, I highly suggest skipping this paragraph and going directly to the next one.  I also recommend reading the book and seeing the movie.)  The protagonist, Mark Watney, is thought to be dead and left alone on Mars quite by accident.  Talk about having a really bad day.  But it doesn’t end there.  It seemed like Mark would be okay, he had a chance of surviving and then something else would happen.  I couldn’t help but think that this poor man had really bad luck.  How did he make it through?  This is a fictional story… however, the personality, drive and sense of humor of the character is what helped him through the tough times.

This film/book reminded me of something that I had forgotten on my discouraged day…. that my attitude affects my day.  In the book/movie the protagonist could have given up time and time again.  But he did not, he worked through what he was feeling, chose to keep a positive outlook, and with humor and compassion towards himself, he continued on.

Now my life is not nearly as dramatic or in a survival situation.  I have noticed that even on the dark days and when times are bad that if I just keep my sense of humor and keep going that soon things start looking up.  And I can choose to look at those kinds of days as opportunities instead of feeling sorry for myself.

I once worked for an organization that chose to see a lot of gloom and doom.  One of my co-workers would often say that she chose her own weather.  That inside her office it was sunshine and rainbows.  She chose an attitude that allowed her to succeed in a negative atmosphere.

When I am experiencing the discouraged day, negative atmosphere or just feel off, I try to remember that my attitude is key.  I try to be compassionate towards myself, work through my feelings and choose my own weather.  There is beauty in all things, if only you look for it.

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